Friday, February 6, 2015

6 Reasons You Should be Talking About Techniques of Smart Bloggers

Hello Friends, 
                          welcome back,  as i said earlier day, daily i will write my post what i said you yesterday,
as we were discussing on Techniques of Smart blogger, when a New Blogger like me would like to do blogging and at the end he would also like to earn money and learn something ! then what he should do ?

No one is going to help him, if you go to SEO top bloggers they will charge you for coaching, if you joined anyway and takes coaching there is no guarantee he will teach you everything and make you earn ! again it all depends on our self , how we perform ! then what should a New blogger should do ?

Guys !
               Apply Smart work with some little Hard work ! How ?  Go to any SEO offering websites
look into the services they are offering note down in notepad or in word ! Like what services they are offering ,Here are few examples. below !
1. Link building 
2. On page optimization 
3. Off page optimization ..... etc

Now you got an idea. like  these are few techniques which every blogger do. .. Now Next thing is to do google on all these things. ..you got the syllabus, you have the internet at home, now you need to research on the topics. here i would like to say few words :

Some people are very Hurry to earn money online ! its not going to happen because anyway you know the concept and had idea .. but until and unless you get some experiences and mistake no one is going to learn !

so Dude !  Don't be in a hurry , lets have patience and understand the concept first. Take One topic a day , read it .. analyze it , understand it .. then experiment it .. then you will have some success. ! 

"Don't Jump into the depth of  Swimming pool before learning basics."

Hey friends Everyday I write you one letter.. you might have question ! How this blog is running without any images, without any infographics, without any videos , without any keyword research, without any anchor text ..and proper sentence formation !

I want to make  you clear that i want to make this blog as simple as writing a letter to my ( Friends, Brother , Sister, and at last  to..Love of Everyboy )...

last but not least a wonderful Quote to all my Readers !


Thank Q  for Reading, Love you Friends, 

Coming Soon :  Earn While you Learn blogging ..!

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