Tuesday, February 3, 2015

# Becoming Successful blogger - Long Journey Ahead

Dear Friends,
                        I am writing this post to let you know myself and the paths i have choose to reach the Destination of becoming successful blogger,  its far ahead to become successful ! but " A Journey of thousand miles will start with a single step" i have just started and there is long a head to go

How I Started ........!

First of all i should know what are the things to be learned ? How can i receive the syllabus what should be learned.. my idea was simple. i sent a mail to successful bloggers who are giving SEO Coaching, and they have mailed me the syllabus that will be taught.

we know definitely that Coaching will not be free, but I don't have enough money to go and Join SEO Coaching,  Next thing i have learned is making Bloggers friends., when you read some blogs you will get an idea of top blogs,

what you do is go to their contact page and write email , some good bloggers will definitely help you
take the sample syllabus and research in google and in youtube.

youtube is your friend, make correct use of it , and read top blogs which give good idea on blogging,

its a very big journey ! you can't make $ dollars in one day ! or is it a movie that it can happen overnight ! NO way !

Every Blogger say that for Blogging Passion and interest is important, i do agree passion for blogging is important but the doing smart work  is also important,  why to learn from your mistakes rather learn from others mistakes,

Simple Funda : I knew it might took years for Successful bloggers to earn and be successful. but if you follow same path then definitely you will also take some years to be successful.and to earn.

I Say when someone has learned by making mistake , why you make mistake and learn from it. instead learning for his mistake,  its definitely a big mistake then doing it like them.

You Know what Bill Gates  said on selecting a person for work :" I always choose a lazy person to do difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it "

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