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Why Do People Think Techniques to Follow in Blogging is a Good Idea?

Hello Friends,
                           Today I would like to tell my personal experience in blog writing styles. well after observing many pro-bloggers blog .. One thing I got questioned in my mind ! how this blogs are doing good !

what methods they are following to rank in the Google and Alexa ! how they are able to do business.
So after watching almost 10 - 20 blogs ,I understood  this is the results of  On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Techniques.. & Keyword Research !
                     Table of Contents

1.On Page SEO Techniques

2.Off Page SEO Techniques

3.Keyword Research 

Well there are many other factors also which make your website to elevate in Google Rankings, but Here we discuss few important factors which are necessary to make the blog successful in Alexa and Google 

1. On Page SEO Techniques.

When we talk about On Page SEO Techniques , These are the techniques which we should do at the time of posting the blog ,  the things which comes under On Page SEO Techniques are 

1. Page Titles :   Page Titles are very important has heading itself denotes the content which covers inside the story,  they are few methods which needs to follow in writing the page titles,. while writing the page titles. we must ensure the Heading are written in H1 Tags 

while reading the successful bloggers blogs I came to know that Long Tail Keyword titles play an important role in Google Search !

2. Meta Descriptions : Meta Descriptions are important factor in Google Search , while Meta Description is displayed Right below the link which appears in the Google, Well many of views who see the links will also go through the Meta Description to see the relevance of the Search !

Now a Days people have become so smart , that they check the Link if the page is relevant to their Keyword Search !

3. URL Structure : Search Engine friendly URL of you page are highly recommended as this improves the Crawling , Keyword Targeted URL also performs better in Search Engine. As said earlier the better the URL Structure the better is the Crawling rate . Avoid using complicated URL like  site.com/subfolder/subfolder/page.html etc...  use simple as site.com/page.html

4. Body Tags ( H1,H2,H3, H4) : well it is commonly observed in many bloggers page that People use H1 tags for Title and H2, H3 titles are used in text, ! and the good writing is to break down the long paragraph into smaller and writer it into H2 and H3 tags and where ever we find important lines just making them Highlight with H1 Tags !

5. Image SEO :  while we notice some blogs , when we click on image it takes you to another tab,, this is where another links hides behind it .. we should ensure the link is removed, thereafter it is recommended to optimize the image for better and fast page loading, and it is good practise to have Alt title and image Description in Image SEO

6. Interlinking : Interlinks is very important in On Page SEO techniques as it flows the link juice to blogs and also make the page refresh  these internal links improves the navigation of websites and also flow the link juice to blog. well we may place internal links in different places links Navigation, Content , side links etc.

Off Page SEO Techniques 

  Well Off Page SEO Techniques  Plays 70% of Role in improve Google rankings and traffic to websites. there are many ways in improving the traffic and elevate the page rankings.

One thing to improve in Page rankings is  Link Building and into improve the page views is through

1. Social Networking Sites : Well this is common and very well known techniques to bloggers.. they promote their in social networking sites and receives the traffic, as we notice there are number of social networking sites, and you see many people nowadays hanging on social networking sites. .. Social Networking is the best place to drive traffic to blog. .. they will create a blog page and promote the blogs internally with friends and mutual friends.

2.  Guest blogging  : I have seen many blogger write Guest blogging, it is one type of technique through which we able to know about the  author  and generally visits his blog once., this techniques are followed by many new bloggers who wish to get traffic to their blogs.

3. Article submission : Haa.. there are few people who go by this techniques they submit the partial article in article submission websites and leave the link there . and people who wish to read the complete article would visits his site to read it complete.

4. Link Exchange and Link Buying : well we find many ways to make you website ranking better, if we go to websites like Fever, Seo Clerks .. we find seo people who says to give you high page links of PR 6 PR 5 for few dollars. this is nothing but link buying .. and Link Exchange is done with agreement between bloggers  and there is another method called Link Farm ..

link farm is nothing but  linking to each other blogs example :  Website A links to Website B and Website B links back to Website A.. this is nothing but link farm.

Keyword Reasearch : Well this is important in SEO - Keyword Research , Google has tool called Google Adwords Or Google Keyword Planner , this is free tool by Google , which is used by many blogger.. with this tool we will notice what people are are searching with particular keyword. while analyzing with those keywords , bloggers will write the content and ensures to get their their blog lists in Google

Conclusion :  while reading many pro bloggers blog you will get an idea how this people are doing the business. but ..!  Google is becoming smarter day by day .. and in future these techniques may not work i guess so .. but link building has many more Years left till till Google becomes a virtual Human which detects and Authorship and Authority of Content !

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